Driving experience days

If you’re looking for something a bit different this year to give as a gift to a loved one why not try a driving experience day. I brought one of these for my partner last year and he had a fantastic day. With so many different options available I’d looked into rally driving courses versus driving experience days and decided that a track day would be the best option.

I opted for a day that consisted of driving three different cars, a Porsche Cayman, a Ferrari 430 and a Ginetta G20 racing car. The day began with a safety briefing followed by a driving theory session advising on track rules and tips on getting the most out of each type of car.

Then the drivers were all taken on a few laps of the track just to get used to the layout, then they got chance to test the 3 main cars. They only allow two laps in each car but it was a great way to experience cars that he’d not normally get the chance to drive. He came away wanting to do further experience days and wanting to try out a rally day next.