Are rally events safe?

There are car rallies held through out the whole year in dozens of locations within the UK. These rallies can often be help on what are normally public roads through small villages and out of town areas and the roads are closed to public traffic when the rally takes place.

There has been a number of unfortunate incidences within the past 12 months that have taken place at car rallies and some resulting in fatalities. This has caused many people to voice their concerns as to if they are actually safe.

One of the main issues is that the spectators are often allowed to stand too close to the track or there is not enough marshals to in force the boundary areas. So many times a car will leave the road during a race and end up in a hedge or nearby field. Everyone wants to have a good view of the race but in my opinion, there needs to be a lot stricter rules put in place and enforced if we are going to be able to still enjoy this sport whilst reducing the number of accidents.