Putting alloys on your car

If your car currently has steel wheels on then you may be able to change them for alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are mostly put on cars for the aesthetic appeal. You can often choose from a number of finishes and can sometimes put larger alloy wheels on your car than steel wheels. But alloy wheels are not only good for improving the look and styling of the car. Aluminium is the key material used in Alloy wheels that makes them lightweight. Wheels are classified as unsprung weight and because alloys are lighter than steels, it means this weight is less. This often means that the car’s handling is improved. A lighter weight can also mean the car accelerates faster meaning a slight increase in miles per gallon.

Alloy wheels can also help with breaking as many of them have a spoke design to allow air to flow and cool down the brakes. Made from a strong material also means they are less likely to crack.