Want the real rally experience?

Many of us dream about driving a rally car, learning how to skid round corners and throwing the car in to the bends, but it is not safe or practical to drive this this on the public roads. Lots of companies are now offering rally experience days where you can drive a rally car around a set track. Often you will have an instructor in with you, advising you when to accelerate and when to slow down but depending on the experience, you may get to have a go on your own should you wish to.

These experience days vary in cost depending on where and what you want to do. Always be sure to read the small print to find out exactly what the experience includes as sometimes the advert can seem misleading. Also bear in mind that if the rally car experience is for only 3 or 4 laps you may be finished within 30 mins.

Always check with the provider regarding insurance and if there are any damage excesses you need to be aware of prior to getting in to the car.