The safety of F1 racing

Safety has always been a huge topic up for discussion when it comes to F1 racing. Unfortunately there have been some fatal incidences over the years during F1 races or practices. In recent years the F1 organisers have stepped up the safety of not only the drivers but also the team members in the pits and of the spectators that gather to watch the races.

F1 driver helmets play a big part in driver safety and have seen many improvements throughout the years of F1 racing. The helmets are put under rigorous testing and each one is examined thoroughly prior to the driver going out on track.

Safety barriers are also high on the priority list when it comes to safety. This is not only to protect the drivers should they have a crash but also to protect the marshals and members of the public. Fences have been risen in height following a fatal incident with tyres coming off a vehicle and flying over the wall hitting a member of the public.