Maclaren in the pits

Maclaren is one of the most famous names in motor racing and has often been a dominant force in Formula 1. The team has helped some of the racing greats to a string of world championship titles and has won many constructor titles as well. In recent years, however, the team has struggled against the dominant Red Bull Racing and Mercedes teams and the new season sees them at an all time low.

Hopes where high due to a renewed partnership with engine manufacturer Honda and the signing of driver Fernando Alonso, who is widely considered one of the best drivers of recent years. Sadly though, the team has struggled to finish races due to reliability issues and though both Alonso and team mate Jenson Button are up beat about the cars handling, the Honda hybrid engine is way off the pace of the Mercedes and Ferrari power plants.

It’s been said that when Ferrari make a great road car the F1 team struggles and perhaps this points to the source of Maclarens problems. The company has successfully broken into the lucrative super car market in the last few years and perhaps its this shift of focus that’s prevented the team from making the kind of turn around that’s been seen at Ferrari.