Accesorise With The Latest F1 Merchandise

The Formula One World Championships or FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) is one of the most popular single-seater motor racing sport in the world. The F1 cars are the fastest in the world and can clock speeds of up to 350 km/h or 220 mph.  All F1 cars must comply with a certain set of rules to be allowed to race, hence the formula stands for the rules which have been agreed upon by the participants. The first world championships were held in Silverstone U.K in 1950 when the F1 championships first begun.

The F1 season comprises of a series of races known as Grand Prix.  There are currently 22 drivers, 11 teams, 11 constructors, 4 engine suppliers and 1 tyre supplier. The sport is highly lucrative attracting big names in the car manufacturing industry who support teams and build engines for the racing cars. Other car accessories and allied stakeholders are also involved in making the F1 the success that it is today. Being a niche sport with few participants, the F1 championships drivers are also famous and have a huge fan base all over the world. They are probably the first heroes that young boys aspire to be when they grow up due to their prominent driving skills. All drivers, teams, constructors, circuits, organisers and officials are expected to have a super licence to compete in the Grand Prix races from the FIA.

Due to the high grossing sport spinning millions of pounds, from its great fan base, attracting over half a million viewers all over the world, the F1 has created numerous opportunities for jobs and also F1 Merchandise. These accessories are designed from the teams and drivers who attract a lot of coverage by sporting media and are recognisable anywhere in the world. It is probably taboo for any F1 fan not to own any of the merchandise.

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