The Renault Twizy

The Renault Twizy is Renault’s fully electric 2 seater car, however not a standard 2 seater set up as you may expect. This car is so small that you actually sit one behind each other with your legs (if you have long legs!) practically around the sides of the driver.  This compact little car has no boot space to speak of and certainly isn’t designed for doing the weekly shop or the school run!  So what is the point of them?!

Well this nippy little road buggy is fully electric so will cost a fraction of the price of petrol or diesel to run and is ideal for a short city commute in what has fondly been described as a compact little go-kart. They can reach 50MPH so are perfect for inter-city driving and great for parking in miniscule spaces. With no gears this car is super easy to drive and can actually reach its top speed fairly quickly so you won’t be hanging around waiting for clunky gear changes at the traffic lights.

In all it’s a fun little urban buggy but at around £7K it’s quite expensive for what is basically a glorified go-kart.