The Mercedes ML 7 seater

If you are looking for a family car with that is not the usual run of the mill MPV then the Mercedes ML might be the car for you. With the usual Mercedes styling it certainly stands out against other 7 seaters such as the Vauxhall Zafira or Citroen Picasso. It comes in a range of engine sizes and you can get petrol or diesel.

You can get the standard 5 seater version but for a little more you can often find a 7 seater (the back two seats are also removable for added space). I owned the Mercedes ML 430 7 seater and was not disappointed. Some people are put off by the large engine sizes but to be honest I got similar miles to the gallon as I did to my 1.6 petrol car that I previously owned. Mine also came with chrome bull bars fitted around which gave it that bit more style and was full leather.

Mercedes have been known as a prestige brand for a while, but with the offer of being able to pick a used one up for as little as £2500, its well within many family’s budget.