Selling a car

When it comes to selling a used car, you need to list it for sale as many places as possible to attract a buyer. Historically Autotrader was the place to list cars along with Ebay and then soon after Gumtree but now many people are turning to social media to list their car.

People want to know as much information as possible about a car before they buy at as often it can be a risk, especially if they are buying private and have no warranty. Ideally, you need to be as honest as possible, but if the car is an older vehicle then don’t be afraid to put that it has a few age related marks to the bodywork.

There is no point in not mentioning a massive dent or part of the trim that is missing etc as the buyer will see it when they come to view and if you have neglected to tell them they may wonder what else you are hiding. They may also use it as a bargaining tool to get the car for a lower price.