Family cars, Dull and boring?

When most people think of buying a family car they picture a battered old clunky estate type car with as much power as four small ladybirds … however does a ‘family car’ really need to be that dull?

The answer is no. There are plenty of family cars out on the market at the moment aimed at the yummy-mummy type who need something practical but still want a bit of a sporty edge to it. At the top of the price range you have the large SUV such as the Range Rover sport and the Audi Q5, these are great for plenty of passenger/boot space and have a high driving position however come to park one of these in a supermarket car park and you may struggle to easily open your doors! These cars are very sporty and look fantastic however they do come with a high price tag, not just to buy but to run too.

If you are looking for something smaller but suitable for children in the back and room in the boot for a pushchair something like the Audi A3 or the Seat Leon FR is a great option. It has sporty setting in the car but is also practical making it fun and safe to drive.