Are standard tyres more fun?

High performance cars usually come with high performance tyres to match. Naturally, you want the maximum amount of grip to make the most of the vehicles capabilities and you need to have confidence in the tyres to enjoy the driving experience, but what about driving in the real world? Obviously, if you want to take your car to the maximum, the public road is not an option and a track day beckons. Out on the road though, in day to day driving, do you really want the bone shaking ride that comes with low profile tyres? With all that grip, your drive may become a little dull, too.

Could more standard road tyres really be a good alternative? Toyota certainly think so, having fitted the excellent GT86 with 215/45 section tyres. These offer more comfort while still giving a great drive, with more potential to explore the limits of grip. After all, that’s where the fun begins, isn’t it?