Air conditioning in modern cars

Most modern cars now come with air conditioning as standard and the air conditioning units are usually very effective using little power and giving a good output of cool fresh feeling air.

The general thinking is that air con is great to have in the summer months when you may want to cool a car that has been sat in the sun or cool the passengers whilst traveling at speed on the motorway avoiding opening the windows. However air con can also be a great aid in the winter! Not for cooling the air, but switching on the air con and the heaters to ‘warm’ will demist the windows in half the time that warm blowers alone will do. This is because the air con dries out the air removing moisture from the screen.

Always remember to wait for the screen to fully clear before you start driving (even though some cars in eco mode advise against warming the car whilst stationery!) as it is dangerous and illegal to drive with impeded vision.